House Principles

House of Runners strives to abide by the following “First Principles” :

1. House of Runners is purely aimed at promoting running and improving running performance. 

2. House of Runners shall be mindful of environmental impact of sporting activity. House of Runners promotes local running and racing to minimize transportation impact. Littering or damaging natural environment due to meetup activity is expressly prohibited. 

3. House of Runners holds safety paramount in road running especially in public areas. Any conduct during runs organized by House of Runners shall emphasize safety first.

4. In emphasizing safety, both run leaders and other runners shall share joint responsibility

5. Participants who join this meetup understand there maybe a few risks involved in pushing the body to new limits. In general, it is understood that all participants are healthy and do not have medical pre-conditions. No member or run leader of House of Runners is liable for injury or loss occuring to any participant due to their ill-health. 

6. If the assigned run leader for the day thinks that another runner’s health condition compromises the intent of safety, it is in their discretion to advise that runner to minimize or completely stop activity within the group. 

7. House of Runners is open to both evidence based coaching and belief/experience based coaching AS LONG as either do not promote unsafe practices that can lead to injury. 

8. Advertising, marketing and/or any commercial activity that is solely for profit is prohibited in House of Runners meetup. However, when for a good cause, it is under the discretion of the leaders to permit such activities.

9. House of Runners shall work jointly with other local running groups (such as the Abu Dhabi Striders) in promoting community activities or when asked for assistance. This is in the spirit of community volunteering

10. House of Runners respects the privacy concerns of all runners and the governing media privacy laws of the UAE. Before uploading content to social media, the uploader is advised to seek other participants’ consent as a mark of courtesy and respect.

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