A Runner’s Review of House of Runners

At House of Runners, we care a lot of the feedback we get from those who take part in our sessions geared towards common goals. Wendy, a runner who had heard about the group through her friends, joined in for a number of sessions with us and finally decided she had enough and had to voice in some of her thoughts (after losing a whopping 24 kilos!). The following is her review done with as little editing as possible. Thanks a lot Wendy!

Where to start? Katy & Manny (thanks guys) were the pivotal people in getting me to start running with House of Runners 😘😃. But my love of running started many years ago!

Before I became a mum 14 years ago, I used to run 5 kms, cycle to/from work and hit the gym daily. I remember doing 10 kms in 52mins…which seems fast to me now! I just loved running.

Then life got so busy as a working parent that I stopped prioritising my health, stopped running and started steadily stacking on some excess kgs!

In an attempt to turn that around, I started the Couch to 5km in the UK with a local running club, and after just 5 weeks of walking/running, I managed to drag my butt around a 5 kms route in just shy of 39 minutes. It was very slow but I was unfit, overweight, hadn’t finished the Couch to 5kms course and neither had I run in 13 years! But in the haze of excitement I started to run home from the running club and I was increasing my mileage level way too quick, which resulted in a calf injury that took a few months to heal.

After moving to Abu Dhabi, on the back of other life stressors, to lose weight and get healthy, I began running again. On 4 January I started logging my calories, monitoring what I was eating and exercising. I started hitting the Abu Dhabi Corniche for 10km power walks and/or walking on the treadmill. On 12 February I ran for 10 minutes. By 26 February I was up to 20 and by mid-March I had hit an hour of non-stop running!

But again I got carried away and tried to ramp up my mileage way too fast, running back to back 10 kms day in day out. And my body (at 47), having forgotten that I should be stretching too, ended up with a niggly injury. So I laid off running again, worked on my strength daily, did lots of walking and was back running after 3 weeks (again thanks to Katy and Manny).

And I haven’t looked back. The House of Runners track nights have helped me knock over 9 minutes off my 5 km time and 12 minutes off my 10 km time. I love coming to track night and commit myself 100% to each session. I’m not fast but I keep going (inshallah!).

Track night has given me so much more confidence in myself and the camaraderie is amazing, fellow runners clapping as you finish an interval lifts the soul…no matter how many intervals you’ve got left to run. Everyone is incredibly supportive and each person out there commits fully. I’ve realised that by listening and working hard I can achieve targets that Ronnie has carefully set for each group.

And having lost 24 kilograms, it’s much easier running these days. Thanks for letting me be part of your incredible family!! ”

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